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hunter saw building details

Building Systems


Suite 100          AHU-1
                       Gas furnace        110,000 BTU
                       A/C                    4 Ton
Suite 101           AHU-2
                       Gas furnace        110,000 BTU
                       A/C                    4 Ton
House              AHU-3 (First Floor Kitchenette and Halls)
                       Gas furnace        55,000 BTU
                       A/C                    1.5 Ton
Suite 200          AHU-4
                       Gas furnace        110,000 BTU
                       A/C                    5 Ton
                       Gas furnace        110,000 BTU
                        A/C                   5 Ton
                        Gas furnace        80,000 BTU
                        A/C                   3 Ton
                        Gas furnace        55,000 BTU
                         A/C                   2 Ton
                         A/C only              5 Ton
                         A/C only              5 Ton

Note: Suite 200 is also furnished with de-stratification fans (Airius Air Pears) which push the warm air gathered at the top of the monitor down to the floor level during the colder months. They make a huge difference.
5680 Butler      Trane Electric Heat Pump, 3 ton a/c, installed 2016



House                None
Suite 100            250 CFH
Suite 101             250 CFH
Suite 200            425 CFH
5680 Butler         None


House               225 Amp, 3 Phase
Suite 100           125 Amp, 3 Phase
Suite 101            225 Amp, 3 Phase
Suite 200           Panel 200            400 Amp, 3 Phase
                        Panel 201            225 Amp, 3 Phase
                        Panel 202            225 Amp, 3 Phase
                        Panel 203            225 Amp, 3 Phase
(this one almost empty, installed for future power)
5680 Butler        200 Amp, 1 Phase



5688 Butler         4” All new
5680 Butler         4” All new, relined to main Butler St sewer line


1st Floor -  1 Men’s (1 toilet, 1 urinal, 1 lav), 1 Women’s (2 toilets, 1 lav), 1 shower/ dog washing station 
2nd Floor - 1 Men’s (1 toilet, 1 urinal, 1 lav), 1 Women’s (2 toilets, 1 lav)
Mezz - 1 Men’s (1 toilet, 1 urinal, 1 lav), 1 Women’s (1 toilets, 1 lav)                          

Security / Fire Alarms  

  • Fully sprinklered. Wet system in main building and 5680 Butler, dry system in parking area and entry vesti-bule. The fire/ security is monitored by SSA. Below are the components:

  • Fire Alarm Main Panel - Mircon FX-350

  • Security:  3 Zones – 5680, Suite 100, Suite 101

  • Access control system (doors with keypads) -  57th St. door, Parking area door, Suite 200 stair door

  • Video Monitoring – 10 cameras, LTS control with mobile app, 2 Terabyte hard drive for recordings


Corrugated Galvalume, installed 10 years ago.


Interior parking can be created


  • Berner Air Curtain at Suite 200 Butler Street entrance

  • CaptiveAire Type II Hood in Warming Kitchen

  • HWH    5688 Butler         Navien NPE-240A2 Instantaneous Gas Water Heater, 199,000 BTU

  • 5680 Butler        40 gallon Electric

Zoning / Certificate of Occupancy

Click For Zoning Map


Click For Certificate


-Residential, Single Unit Detached
-Residential, Single-Unit Attached
-Residential, Two-Unit Residential
-Residential, Three-Unit Residential
-Community Home
-Correctional Facility (General)
-Gaming Enterprise
-Hazardous Operations
-Incinerator, Solid Waste
-Outdoor Retail Sales and Services
-Restaurant, Fast Food
-Salvage Yard

P = Permitted by Right
-Assisted Living Class A+B
-Multi-Suite Residential (Limited)
-Agriculture (General+ Limited+ with Beekeeping)
-Animal Care (Limited+ General)
-Art or Music Studio
-Bank (Limited+ General)
-Bed and Breakfast (Limited, 1-3 guest rooms+ General, 4-10 guest rooms)
-Club (Limited+ General)
-Construction Contractor (Limited+ General)
-Cultural Services (Limited+ General)
-Educational Classroom Space (Limited+ General)
-Funeral Home
-Grocery Store (Limited)
-Hotel/ Motel (Limited, <40 guest rooms+ General, >40 guest rooms)
-Laboratory/ Research Services (Limited+ General)
-Library (Limited +General)
-Manufacturing and Assembly (Limited)
-Medial Office/ Clinic (Limited+ General)
-Nursery, Retail (Limited+ General)
-Office (Limited+ General)
-Parking (Limited + General)
-Parks and Recreation (Limited+ General)
-Recreation and Entertainment, Indoor+ Outdoor (Limited+ General)
-Recycling Collection Station
-Religious Assembly (Limited+ General)
-Restaurant (Limited+ General)
-Retail Sales (Limited + General)
-Safety Services
-Utility (Limited)
-Vehicle Equipment Repair (Limited)
-Vocational School (Limited + General)
-Warehouse (Limited)
-Warehouse (Mini-Storage)

A= Administrator Exception
-Housing for the Elderly (Limited)
-Multi-Suite Residential (General)
-Personal Care Residence (Small)
-Car Wash
-Child Care (Limited+ General)
-Communication Tower, Class A
-Community Center (Limited+ General)
-Grocery Store (General)
-Laundry Service
-Manufacturing and Assembly (General)
-Medical Marijuana Dispensary
-Medical Marijuana Growing and Processing
-Parking Structure (Limited)
-Service Station
-Vehicle Equipment Repair {General)
-Vehicle Equipment Sales (Limited+ General)
-Warehouse (General)
-Welding or Machine Shop

S = Special Exception
-Residential, Multi-Unit Residential (4+)
-Assisted Living Class C
-Housing for the Elderly {General)
-Personal Care Residence (Large)
-Amusement Arcade
-Public Assembly (Limited, <500 people)
-Basic Industry
-Check Cashing
-Communication Tower, Class B
-Firearms Business Establishment
-Forestry Activities
-Freight Terminal
-Parking Structure (General)
-Pawn Shop
-School, Elementary or Secondary (Limited+ General)


C = Conditional Use
-Adult Entertainment
-Public Assembly (General, >500 people)
-College or University Campus
-Communication Tower, Class C
-Controlled Substance Dispensation Facility
-Correctional Facility (Limited)
-Custodial Care Facility
-Excavation/ Grading/ Fill
-Transit Facility
-Utility (General)


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