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Leasing and Marketing 
Tenant and Landlord Representation Available


From finding the right tenant, to drafting the LOI, to lease execution, we have you covered.  The devil is in the details when it comes to protecting our clients from both legal and practical issues during the Term.

Upgrading a Shopping Center Requires Time, Patience, and... 


Tenant mix is critical to the long-term stability of a shopping center.  Tenant's sales can be tied directly to the quality and the Use(s) of neighboring tenants ("Use" meaning the type of business, ie: pharmacy, medical, grocery, women’s clothing, etc.).  Are the surrounding tenant's businesses complimentary with similar standards?  

Upgrading a shopping center does not happen by accident.  Its success is directly tied to the long-term integrity of its leasing program.  Much like a personal relationship…the health of a shopping center never remains linear.  It is always trending up or down over time.  Maintaining quality tenants and a good tenant mix will allow a shopping center to continually remain on the upward trend.  Leasing to a sub-par tenant simply for the benefit of short-term income is a slippery slope that ends in long-term losses.  

Strong, successful tenants care about the quality of their neighbors.  Their bottom lines, good and bad, are irrefutable barometers supporting this philosophy.  Successful tenants beget more successful tenants which, collectively, create long-term asset stability and good rent payers.  


It is our job to make you look good!  What sets your property apart?  Who is the target customer and tenant/Use?


Our marketing team uses multiple platforms to reach prospective tenants including CoStar, LoopNet and a large data base of national, regional and local brokers and businesses to whom we send regular updates and marketing brochures.


Long standing relationships with other brokers and tenants also provide mutual collaboration with our respected brokerage community partners and relationships.  We are involved with local and national real estate organizations, attend events to stay in touch with our counterparts and set up deal making tables at ISCS conventions when the need arises.  



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