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Strong customer service and quality goods are what people expect in any service industry.  


Shopping center management is no different.  Our clients, tenants, and shoppers all want to see that we are striving to provide the best possible service to meet their respective needs…and to do so graciously.  Accessibility, fast and accurate results, and friendly service is critical.  We do not make excuses and we hire maintenance crews, contractors, and professionals who adhere to these practices.    


Customer service is the absolute cornerstone of our company.
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Property Management

We have a stable of trusted professionals and subcontractors with whom we have strong relationships. These relationships allow our office to address on-site issues, including emergencies and after-hours issues, quickly and cost-effectively.  We strive to insulate our clients/owners from everyday challenges as much as possible...which is why owners retain us year after year.  We just handle things...big and small...period.  

Contract Review

Leasing & Marketing

Utilizing CoStar and LoopNet, marketing blasts to hundreds of real estate professionals, as well as 30 years of relationships with brokers and tenants near and far, we will find the tenant(s) that best suits the property's needs. Once the business terms are approved by our client, our office will handle the rest.  We negotiate the LOI and the entire lease, utilizing legal oversight when necessary, ensuring that our clients have a sound lease document.  

Grassroot searches such as driving the local market area on a regular basis is a great way to find relocation opportunities for leasing vacant space.  


Are you a business looking for new space?  Our Tenant leasing team is here to find the perfect space for your business.  You keep doing what you do best, and we will do what we do best and find you the perfect home for your business.


Advisory & Consulting

In addition to property management and leasing, Ballymoney offers an array of advisory and consulting services.  We hope that you are pleased with your current management team, but perhaps you want a second opinion on specific matters of concern or expertise…give us a call.  We are here to make your life easier.   

Advisors aim to spot or define problems.  Consultants aim to create specific solutions to problems.  At Ballymoney, we do both.

Construction Site Managers

Construction Oversight

Ballymoney manages our client’s construction projects, large and small.  From interior build-outs to shopping center expansions, from inception to completion.  It’s where quality workmanship meets value engineering. 

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