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Property Management

While on-line shopping continues to thrive, Ballymoney strongly believes in the long-term viability of strip shopping centers. 


Retail centers will morph, as they have for decades, to accommodate the changing shopping trends of their market area.  The convenience that strip centers provide to customers, and the visibility for retailers, will always be in demand. Customers like the easy ingress/egress, close proximity for parking, and the thrill of the “hunt” when driving by a retail center and discovering a store/Use that they want or need. As online sales continue to grow, retailers will continue to shift their marketing and distribution strategies to maximize the use and locations of their brick and mortar stores, fulfilling sales for both on-line buyers, as well as those shoppers who continue to prefer “hands-on” shopping. Strip shopping centers will continue to be a major player in retail sales and other inherent uses such as gyms, medical and service-related Uses. 


Since 1987 our clients have relied upon Ballymoney to apply our years of experience and customer service to the handling of all aspects of their property management and leasing needs, including: 

  • Day-to-day maintenance and preventative maintenance.

  • Forecasting long-term capital needs.

  • Bidding architectural, engineering, and construction needs, large and small.

  • Overseeing all aspects of construction including ground-up; major renovations; site work, and; interior build-outs using quality contractors and professionals.

  • Full-service, top-notch book-keeping services including receivables and payables with monthly reporting. 

  • Full-service management and leasing services including insurance procurement, tax appeals, drafting and negotiating of all lease and contract agreements.

  • Evaluating and resolving government code requirements including building, zoning, and permitting needs.

  • Maximizing ROI.

  • Close attention to Tenant needs.

  • 24/7 availability for clients and tenants.

  • Property marketing, sales and acquisitions. 

  • Strong and respected relationships with local brokers, lenders, engineers, architects, contractors and state and local government officials.

  • Any and all needs necessary to efficiently operate and maintain a first-rate investment property.

We manage our client’s properties as though they were our own.  As such, our clients, if they so choose, may enjoy a “hands-off” approach to owning their properties with the confidence that they are in good hands.  Our attention to detail and our efficient approach to management is inherent to our operation.  We provide 24/7 quality service and pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of our clients.

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